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Accounting - Inventory Control Software

Ritzy Comfort is a comprehensive software solution that integrates all the key process of any type of trading business for managing your inventory, purchases, sales, account receivables and payables.

  • Create Quotes, Sales Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices
  • Maintain Customer information and track outstandings
  • Create Purchase Orders, Goods Receive Note and Purchases
  • Maintain Supplier information and track payment outstandings
  • Quickly find out what items are running low on stock or excessive on stock and eliminate costly write-offs at the end of year.
  • Barcode your inventory by generating barcodes using pre-built templates
  • Track Inventory by locations. Locate item by code, barcode, serial number and item description
  • Track purchase and sales history of item by customers and suppliers
  • Multi-currency options for all transactions
  • Easy to use analytic reports provides you complete intelligence over sales and purchases.


Create Invoices, Quotations, Deliery Orders, Sales ordersfor Product & Services

Customer wise Pricing and Contracts

Create Credit Note, Delivery Returns for Product & Services

Print or Convert to PDF and Send by Email Use Multiple layouts for Printing & Emailing

Sales Analysis Salesman Commission Sales Reports


Create Purchase Orders, Goods Receive Notes, Purchases for Product & Services

Supplier wise Pricing and Contracts

Create Debit Note, Goods Return Note for Product & Services

Print or Convert to PDF and Send by Email Use Multiple layouts for Printing & Emailing

Purchase Analysis Consignment Costing Purchase Reports

Stock Control

Manage Stocks

Product Categories Stock Items Non-Stock Items Kits & Assembled Items

Stocks and Valuations

Stock Level Control Minimum Maximum Reorder Level

Multiple Location Stock Control

Stocks Issues Stock Transfers

Physical Stock & Stock Adjustments Product Transaction Reports


Accounts Receivables

Accounts Payables

General Ledger

Cash & Bank Receipts & Payments

Fixed Assets Asset Schedule & Depreciation

Department & Cost Centers Jobs Job Costing

Financial Reports Trial Balance Balance Sheep Profit & Loss Statement Cash Flow Customer & Vendor Statements

Graphical Analysis

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User Friendly

Ritzy offers user friendly and intutive interface with compelling user experience across all the screens and uses simple terminology for novice users to comprehend.

Better Insights

Empower you with timely and accurate reporting, slice and dice analytical reports and drill down into the details to the level you want, with the right context and fields you need.

Accelerate Productivity

Ritzy is a great productivity tool which can effectively manage your complete opeations and increase your productivity.

Customizable Printouts

Format the printouts the way you want with the powerful built in Report designer. You can customise the templates of Invoices, Receipts, Payments etc. to allign with your company theme. You also have the choice of creating multiple output formats for each and every transactions.


Ritzy includes an extensive array of reports sufficient for your needs. You can also create additional reports from our intutive Quick View screen. If the reports provided by us is not sufficient, we are also open to add new reports specific to your needs. Every reports produced by Ritzy also have options to export data to a wide range of formats like Excel, Word, PDF, Text etc.


Accounts Receivables

Keeps your customers data current, accurate and centralised to help you manage customer credit and closely watch unpaid invoices. Ritzy’s powerful reporting helps you to easily identify customers in good standing or with late payments.

  • Customers
  • Invoices
  • Credit Notes
  • Receipts
  • Billwise Allocations
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Customer Statements

Accounts Payables

Proactive management of accounts payable can save your business significant amounts of money. Vendor statements and reports provides you with information on how much your company is buying and from whom

  • Suppliers
  • Purchases
  • Debit Notes
  • Payments
  • Billwise Allocations
  • Ageing Analysis
  • Supplier Statements

Cash & Bank Management

Ritzy’s intutive interface allows you to get quick glance of your Cash and Bank positions. Keeping funds in the right place is key to making sure that you are ensuring you aren’t missing revenue opportunities. Bank reconciliation helps you reconcile your account statement with bank statement.

  • Cash Payments
  • Bank Payments
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow

General Ledger

When individual entries are made in accounts payable and accounts receivable, the information is passed to the general ledger which consolidates top level financial reports. Ritzy allows you to generate Income statements, balance sheets and statements of cash flow reports needed by management to judge business progress.

  • Journal
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss

Reports & Analysis

Data visualization is becoming an increasingly important part of business intelligence. Ritzy includes several useful reports, analysis pivot tables and graphical reports designed by BI professionals.


We can tailor Ritzy to accomodate your specific requirements or preferences to smoothen your business operations and enhance your business profitability. (Additional charges may apply)

Fast Implementation

With well managed project plan, we've always been able to deliver and implement our projects in days and weeks, not months. We can design our deployment to fit with your specific business process and software solutions.

System Integration

We can integrate Ritzy to disparate systems to avoid data being re-entered, thus keeping the information accurate throughout your orgainsation. We can also develop highly specialized APIs that integrate seamlessly with other applications. (Additional Charges Apply)


Ritzy Shipping is priced by the number of user licenses and the support plan. All user licenses are per seat, non expiring licenses and include unlimited phone call support during the support period. For a custom quote, and to order, please contact us.

  • Licenses include six months of free maintenance and support. Additional training and support options are available. See Additional Products and Services below for prices. Support plans are available for one, two, or three years and include unlimited chat sessions, emails and phone calls.
  • Email support with a Ritzy support professional.
  • Phone support with a Ritzy support professional. (9am-6pm AEST)
  • Software updates, enhancements and new releases available online.

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